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Prayers of Faith. Fruits of my daily reflections.
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Prayers of Faith, My July With The Lord

Prayers of Faith


Prayers of Faith

Standing on the Rock of faith, the fruits of my daily endeavor to pray.


When you pray daily and put your trust in God, you are like standing on a rock that holds your life, a rock that holds your life. A firm foundation that can never be shaken or moved; ” … like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but remains forever.” (Ps.27:1)   

I share my experience here, as I termed it, “fruits of my daily endeavor to pray”  with you as dear friends with whom I journey on this earthly pilgrimage. This usually occurs on days I am inspired to write down my prayer as opposed to days I am dry. The consoling thing here is that on those dry days I would resort back to my written prayers to pray with. I would read them through with new zeal, full of surprises here and there as if I weren’t the writer.  Whenever I pray with this July 2022 set, I feel like standing on a rock, the rock that holds my life the Rock that is God. As you pray, dear friends, think of me as I think of you too. Let us pray.

July 1, 2022. You are a marvelous God, Jesus

What a marvelous God are you dear Jesus? You proclaim your love for me each morning and expose the beauty of your glory. Though weak, I feel loved and happy because you declare you came for me. There is great hope and joy that I have a divine physician checking on me, protecting and healing every moment I turn to you. Oh precious Jesus, what a marvelous God are you? Oh my God, I love you, let me never loose sight of the splendor of your glory,  Amen

July 2, 2022. Your presence keeps me free sweet Jesus.

No save place in this world, Lord,  but your presence. Your presence keeps me free sweet Jesus. I am confident, I am sure, I am peaceful when in your presence oh my Lord and my God. What a sweetness, what joy in abundance when surrounded by your presence. Then, I need not fear, not fast, not worry, I’m serene inside out. That is why I must fast and pray at the least feeling of the absence of your divine presence oh Lord. Help me Jesus not to too often miss your presence because of my brokenness. Thank you, my sweet Jesus. I love you. Amen.

July 3, 2022. Let me be humble and attentive to the truth oh Lord.

It is truth dear Lord that would lead me to freedom. How can I know the truth in distraction? Sweet Jesus, let me be humble and attentive to what is right and true always. Let me be true dear Jesus for if I’m fake, how can I be your friend, who are the way, the truth, and the life? Loving Jesus, I want to be your friend your true friend. Teach me how to oh sweet Jesus, beginning with me being true to myself. Dearest Jesus, I trust in you. Amen.

July 5, 2022. You can’t do everything for me Lord

Lord, your raised the death, chased the demons, heal the sick, calm the tempest sea just as easily as you do it. There is nothing you can’t do.  You can do everything for me, Lord. You are a marvelous God. All-powerful, all-knowing, and always present. Nothing happens to me without your knowledge, I believe and trust in your mighty power for you are my God and my all. Amen.

July 8, 2022. Help me go through Lord.

Dear Lord, trying to resemble you in a hostile world is a thing to achieve only by your grace. By your grace, oh Lord lead me through hostile moments successfully. I keep my ears and heart open lord to listen to you, to get from you what I have to say, and do when the time comes. Fill me Lord with your wisdom and love, that I may be able to love and do only your will even in hostile moments. Dearest Jesus, I trust in you. Amen.

July 9, 2022. Come and make my heart your dwelling place oh Lord.

I invite you, dear Lord to come and make your dwelling in my heart. Let dirt be seen on my body and never in my heart. Make my heart like yours oh sweet Savior and preserve it from the influence of negative thoughts and acts. I need your grace dearest Lord to preserve my heart as your dwelling place and not a seat for sin. Save my soul and whole being from what comes from outside; my mistakes and shortcomings. Thank you, Jesus. Amen

July 11, 2022. You teach me every day Lord

My Lord and my God, every day you revealed yourself and your glory to me. Help me to believe what you teach me each day and do it. You are the only source of truth and happiness. You assure me there will be obstacles in sticking to the truth and following you. Whatever may be dear Lord, help me keep focus and let not my faith dwindle. Lord Jesus, you are my friend, I trust in you. Amen

July 12, 2022. You Chastise Me, Lord

Loving Father, you gave me your commands as a lamp to my feet and a smooth, pathway that leads to you I must journey on. They are neither a task nor punishment but statements of love coming from your loving heart to chastise me to remain fully yours. You chastise me every day with your words that give me reason and understanding in life. Help me by your Holy Spirit to listen to your loving and corrective words each day and live them, Lord. Give me the grace to correct others lovingly too. Thank you, Jesus. Amen

July 13, 2022. My security is sure oh my God

As a child who depends on his father, clings to him in every situation even when scolded,  as he believes his father can do all things and has the answer to all his difficult questions, so do I depend on you oh my God and my security is sure. You are a place of refuge for me and your plan for me is clear in your sight. I can ask a million questions about life’s complications but all wisdom belongs to you, I am yet a child, depending on you who are the way the truth and the life. Supported without my efforts, Lord, I know my life is in your hands. I would be peaceful, I would be joyful and feel secure in your loving arms. Lord, my hope is in you and I depend on you. Amen

April 15th, 2022 In you is all gain Lord

What would I gain in revenge? What would I gain from criticizing, judging, and condemning others? Oh, see how much gain I have in you dear Lord if I show mercy and love. How fulfilling, how rewarding,  how refreshing, and energizing is it to show mercy and love. Yes, dear Lord, you deserve mercy from me toward my fellow man and not hate. Grant me the grace dear Lord to be merciful as you are merciful. Dearest Jesus, have mercy on me too. Amen

July 16, 2022. In your presence, Lord.

In your presence oh Lord my God, there is anointing. In your presence anointing breaks the yoke.  How I wish to remain in the presence of my God all day long. To savor His anointing, His sweetness, and His love?  Loving Father, your grace and only your grace I need. Help me, Lord. Amen

July 17, 2022. You reign oh my God

Doubts not my soul for your God the Almighty reigns. You reign oh Lord in the heavens, on the earth, in the firmament, and under the earth. When I see the heavens, the moon, and stars, the earth and all its creatures I believe my God reigns. Who but you God, can make day and night, rain and dew, sun and moon, mountains and seas, animals and plants that grow? The sign of your presence is all around me Lord, and your mighty hand at work in my life. I need no other sign to tell you are with me always. Ever Present Father, to you belong all praise, thanksgiving, and adoration now and forever. Amen

July 18, 2022. You reign oh my God.

Doubts not my soul for your God the Almighty reigns. You reign oh Lord in the heavens, on the earth, in the firmament, and under the earth. When I see the heavens, the moon, and stars, the earth and all its creatures I believe my God reigns. Who but you God, can make day and night, rain and dew, sun and moon, mountains and seas, animals and plants that grow?  The sign of your presence is all around me Lord and your mighty hand at work in my life. I  need no other sign to tell you are with me always. Ever Present Father, to you belong all praise, thanksgiving and adoration now and forever. Amen

July 19, 2022. You claim me your sister Jesus

Loving Mother Mary, your Son my Lord Jesus claims me for His sister today and forever. What a privilege to have Him as a brother and you as my mother too. Mother, I cherish your faithfulness to grace that led to your spiritual and physical Motherhood to us. Oh Mother, Teach me to be faithful and accept the will of God for me. My Mother and model, I love to be like you. Amen

July 20, 2022. My heart like soil I must prepare oh Lord

Loving Jesus, you are telling me today that only seeds that fall on fertile soil would bear good fruits and in plenty. My heart like soil oh Lord, I need to prepare. I need to cultivate it, manure it and make it fertile ready to receive your word to grow and bear good fruits. Help me dear Lord in this process. On my own I am not able but Lord I trust in you. Give humility of heart to begin with. Amen

July 21, 2022. You give knowledge and wisdom to your friends Lord.

Loving Jesus you reveal yourself more to those who are open to listen and follow your words. You give them knowledge and wisdom to understand the mysteries or things of heaven. Dearest Jesus, come visit me Lord, give me the ability to understand the mystery of your kingdom. I open my heart for you Lord, teach me your ways, the ways of truth. Wonderful Jesus, I trust in you. Amen

July 23, 2022. Judgment belongs to you oh God.

Good and evil surround your children everyday Lord, like wise truth and falsely. Like crops amongst weeds they are in danger of death everyday but you keep them protected and safe for judgement belongs to you oh my God. You protect their going out and coming in and guard them like a shepherd guards his sheep. Without my knowledge oh Lord, I believe you will lead me through every weed surrounding me till the harvest day. For your great protection oh Lord, I say thank you. Amen

July 26, 2022. My eyes on you dear Lord

Day by day I journey on with the grace you give me Lord. I stare around to see the beauty and wonders of your creation, how you are protecting your people and giving them life. I try to spot you out, listen and hear you, and follow the direction you are leading me. With my eyes fixed on you dear Lord I head on towards your final promise. I need your continuous grace dear Jesus to be up to this task; to follow your commands and be under your protection till the end. Help me Lord. Amen

July 27, 2022, Not enough I need more Lord

How prescious you are oh Lord my God.  I have been searching and searching to find you, seeking and seeking to know you and knocking at your door and yet not tired. I desire to continue until I have my pearl of price. when shall I ever have you enough dear Lord, for the more I discover you, the more I thirst, need and long for you. Please God give me the grace of patience and perseverance in my desire to have you more. Amen


July 28, 2022. That I may grow in holy fear Lord

You give me counsel every day dear Lord that I may grow in holy fear and know you truly. Help me to discern what is right or wrong every moment of my life and to repent when I need to. May I be able to love all but never their sins. Sweet Jesus, I trust in you. Amen


July 29, 2022. You always give good things to you friends Lord.

I will ask my Lord good things instead of hate or the head of John the Baptist for He gives good things when asked. I will taste and see that my God is good. The Lord hears and answers me; He gives me courage, calmness, vigilance and a good instructions to succeed. I do believe you always give good things when asked for a good reason. Thank you Lord, You are a wonderful God. I will praise and worship you now and forever. Amen



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