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Knock and the door will be opened to you
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Prayers For Self-fulfilment, Knock And The Door Will Be Opened To You


“Knock and the door will be opened to you” Mt. 7:7

A For self-fulfilled life is a life rooted in prayers, that is, a life that longs to go closer and closer toward God our creator, to talk and listen to Him. A daily open up of self for the grace to do the things of God, though not easy a task, this set of fifteen Prayers for Self-fulfilment comes from my daily efforts toward a self-fulfilling life in Christ Jesus. The Bible tells us to knock and the door will be opened to us. I believe your knocking with me in prayers would never go unrewarded by God.


Prayers For Self-fulfilment on YouTube at https://youtu.be/FyUK8wnZE7w and https://youtu.be/j2TD2U3wQFo

“Knock and the door will be opened to you” Mt. 7:7


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Let us pray:

Prayers For Self-fulfilment

March 26, 2022. Oh Lord Be Merciful To Me A Sinner

Oh Lord my God, be merciful to me a sinner. The more I want to avoid sin the more I realize my mistakes. Dearest Jesus, be merciful to me a sinner. I believe, hope, and trust in your mercy. Merciful Jesus, be merciful to me a sinner. Amen

March 25, 2022. Lord Jesus You Became Man to Save Us

How wonderful, Lord, that you took the form of man by your incarnation in the Blessed Virgin’s womb. What a wonderful blessing that you came to save us, Jesus. I rejoice and am glad today for the joy you brought to us. Thank you oh Holy Mother Mary for your ever yes to God that brought us this joy. Teach me to say yes to God like you at all times without doubts. Mother Mary, I love you. Amen

March 24, 2022. May I Preach Your Word With Boldness Dear Lord

Marvelous Savior, how great you are, today you chased out the demons of muteness. Often oh Lord I am driven by fear, confusion, and shyness in my efforts to proclaim your word. Please, Lord, deliver me from any form of muteness, and give me the wisdom and insight to proclaim your word with more confidence and boldness. Sweet Jesus, I trust in you. Amen

March 22, 2022. You Are So Merciful to me Lord

Dearest Father, you are so compassionate and so loving to me. If I’m still living it is because of your great mercy and love. Thank you, Lord, for offering your only Son as a ransom for my sins.  Teach me to be merciful as you are merciful, to forgive as you forgive. Amen.


March 19, 2022. I Pray Through You Oh St. Joseph To have your Faith

Holy and faithful St. Joseph, you walked by faith to fulfill God’s plan in your life. As we honor you this day, I pray that you intercede for me and mine through Jesus your foster Son, to give me faith like yours. That I may trust and obey  God’s will without doubt till the end.  I invite you, oh custodian of the universal Church to be head of my family too.  May you carry our pleas to God through Jesus Christ your foster  Son our Lord. Amen

March 18, 2022. Give Me The Grace To Love At All Times Lord

Merciful Jesus, you who withstood rejection of all sorts, be my comforter in times of rejection and pain. May I not be despaired or think of revenge during rejection but always ready to love as you loved. Give me the grace to love all even in moments of rejection. Loving Jesus, you are my Friend and Comforter. You would never reject me. I trust in you, Lord. Amen

March 16, 2022. You Drank The Chalice Of Salvation For Us Lord

Sweet Jesus, you gave your life in total sacrifices for us. The chalice you drank wasn’t that easy but you take it for our salvation. Help us with your grace Lord, not to be afraid to partake in your chalice of salvation, to take up our cross after you. Like James and John, we do not know what we ask but you know what is best for us. Dearest Jesus, I trust in your saving grace. Amen

03/15/2022. I Come Just As I Am Lord

Loving Father, on this new day, I come just as I am to thank, praise, and worship you. Just as I am to accept every plan you have for me and to do your will. Help me oh Lord with the grace of self-acceptance and humility towards myself and others. Let me be the person you want me to be in all I do and in my relationship with others. Loving Father, I trust in you. Amen

03/14/2022. Help Me To Love Others Lord

Heavenly Father creator of every good thing, you created man in your image. There is you in everyone I meet. Thank you, Lord, for helping me see you again and again in your various work of art. Help me to love others without judging them. Give me the grace of fraternal correction and simplicity towards others. Help those who are dying around the world because of wrong judgement. May your light and mercy come with peace into the world you created. Thank you Lord. Amen.

03/12/2022. Thank You, Lord, For Your Unconditional Love

Your love for me oh Lord is abundant and unconditional. You always stretch out your hands ready to receive me. What a loving Father you are. Thank you Father for your unconditional love.  Oh Lord, let me never be that cruel to hate my enemies or those who hate me. On my own, I can’t dear Lord but with your grace all things are possible. Help me, dearest Father. Amen

03/10/2022. Your Grace Oh Lord Is Enough For Me

Loving Father, I do ask, seek and knock but I depend on what your grace does for me for your grace is enough for me. I seek the face of my Lord and my God who is powerful above all and He lets his light shine upon me and mine in ways untold. Holy Father, you have done it, you are doing it and will continue to do till the end, I believe and trust. Thank you. Amen.

03/09/2022. You are powerful in words to me Lord

Mighty Jesus, I thank you for your words that wake me up every day. Today you are being so emphatic on the truth that you are more with us now than ever before. Loving Jesus, I take you for your word and I trust in you. Let not my brokenness blind me from recognizing you. Help me with your grace to see and hear you always in the weak and in everything I do. Amen

03/08/2022. Merciful Jesus Give Me The Grace Of Forgiveness.

I know oh sweet Jesus, that I am a sinner saved by grace. I have hurt others and they have hurt me too. I plead for forgiveness of my sins and ask you for the grace to forgive all who have offended me. Dearest Lord, I trust in your mercy and compassion and believe in your saving power. Help me, Jesus. Amen

03/05/2022. How Wonderful You Came For me Lord.

Loving Jesus, I am sorry that in all dimensions of my life I see brokenness. I am sinful and short of your glory. Oh, how good and wonderful you came for me, to rescue me from my state of sinfulness and fear of forfeiting your great mercy. Thank you dearest Jesus for the assurance that you came for me, to save me and set me free. Just as I am I come to you, oh sweet Jesus, purify me and save me and mind.  Amen

03/04/2022. You Took The Painful Cross For me Lord

Loving Jesus, on a Friday, you took the painful cross and walked the street up to Calvary for my sake. I decide today to unite my suffering with yours, believing and trusting in your saving power. I offer you my Sins and my suffering and plead your forgiveness as I journey with you today. Give me the grace of fasting from impatience and unite myself more closely with you. Sweet Jesus, I trust in you. Amen

“Knock and the door will be opened to you”
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