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Prayers For Strength In The Lord


Prayers for strength in the Lord

Fifteen heart-searching and self-improvement prayers coming from a daily reflection. You will never go empty-handed but are highly blessed when you pray in faith. Let us pray.

Prayers for strength in the Lord is also available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/j2TD2U3wQFo,    https://youtu.be/FyUK8wnZE7w

Prayers for strength in the Lord

03/03/2022. You Kingdom Lord I Desire

Dearest Lord, your kingdom is not food and drink but righteousness, peace, and joy.  How will I feel or what will I gain if I have everything and misses you and your kingdom? Lord, you are more than silver and gold. Silver and gold can vanish away but you are unchangeable and will live forever. Dearest Jesus, yours I am and yours I want to be forever. Amen

03/02/2022. Thank you Lent

Oh what a journey, that when I’m far from home, it allows me to go home. When I’ve wandered off the track it tells me, here is the way, follow it. Thank you, Lent. You remind me of my sinfulness and nothingness, help me to be more prayerful, humble, kind, and loving on this journey of renewable that I may reach safely, see the face of my Lord Jesus and embrace Him now and forever. Amen.

03/01/2022. I say yes to you, Lord

Dearest Jesus, my Lord, and my God, I say yes to whatever way you are calling me. I have no other answer oh Lord but a complete yes to your call. I give up what I like to follow up on what you want. Help me Lord with your grace. Pour your abundant grace upon all those who have left everything to follow you, especially our daughter in the Convent, our friend Priests, and all religious. Be with them always Lord, till the end of time. Be also with those who have surrendered their freedom due to long sickness and suffering, who cannot do anything on their own but trust in you, especially Stephen your son. Fill them with continuous courage and zeal for you. Sweetest Jesus, you will never fail us. I trust in you. Amen

02/26/2022. Here I am on this new day Lord

Thank you, Lord, for a bright new day. Here I come into it looking up like a child to see your face and hear your consoling and controlling words.  I do not know what this day holds for me but I trust that your divine providence and grace will lead me through safely as always. I present all I have to do today into your hands, inspire me by your Holy Spirit and use me to do it the way you want me to. Jesus, I believe and trust in your protection and care. Amen

02/25/2022. Lord Jesus, you are the source of all truth.

Wonderful Jesus, again, and again we had turned to you seeking knowledge because you are the source of all truth. You have always been by us because you have all the knowledge and plans for us. You have answered our questions time and again and shown your power and ownership over us. I thank you, Lord, for there have been no questions unanswered and I continue to believe and seek your face about us as a couple and all our feeble plans. You know all, you can do all things and you are always with us, there is nothing to fear because you have all the answers. Loving Jesus, I trust in you.

02/24/2022. To you oh lord I turn over my will

When pain and weariness tempt oh Lord I turn over my will to you and embrace yours and let you will control my whole being. When my will is challenged I allow myself to you my potter, to melt, remix, and rebuild me according to your will. Patiently and gently without a plan, I journey on each day believing and trusting in your perfect plan for my family.  May your will and only your will be down for none is loving and caring like you. I love you, Jesus. Amen

02/22/2022. Increase Our Faith Lord

As we journey each day towards you as a church you founded oh Lord, Increase our faith in you through our leaders. You entrusted the keys of your church to Peter whose successor is right in our midst today.  Give him the wisdom to lead us your flock in the right direction that leads to your kingdom. Increase our faith, hope, and trust in you through the teachings and authority of the church. Bless all those who hand down the faith to us; our spiritual directors and bless your church to grow and flourish always. Wonderful Jesus, I trust in you. Amen

02/19/2022. You are precious Lord

Precious Lord, your words are sweeter than honey, your companionship consoling, your presence glorious. How precious is it to have you for a friend? Your glory shines around and your power overshadows my whole being when I come closer. How I cherish coming closer and closer to you each day, savoring your goodness and mercy, dwelling and having a share in your divinity and glory, uniting with your heavenly court. Lord Jesus, it is good to be with you, to have a dwelling here with my precious friend and Lord for you are all I want, all I need, and all I want to be. As I journey on this day, I know we are together and your glory shining all around touching my spouse family, and friends. Lord, may your will be done. Amen.

02/18/2022. Living in you is best Lord

My Sweet Jesus, knowing you is one great thing to do, preaching you is another, but living in you is the best and sweetest. How I wish this was so simple as my heart desires. Thank you Lord for your grace is always there and enough for me; the power of your resurrection upon me and saving me again and again.  You cancel my wrongs and make me whole when I came to you with a childlike heart. Dearest Lord, do not hold to account my wrongs and brokenness but my desire to live in you. Sweet Jesus, I love you and I want to do it with my whole being as I take up my cross following you each day.  Jesus, I trust in you. Amen

02/16/2022. I am sorry Lord

Merciful Jesus, I am sorry for the sins in my life I ignore as little or find it difficult to overcome. They blur me and keep me a distance from you. Lord you have pardoned me again and again out of your unconditional love, you offer yourself again every day for my sins.  Give me the grace to take one step forward in my efforts to avoid all sins.   That by your power, I may be cleansed from the darkness of sin that blur me from completely knowing you and seeing you face to face, my Lord and my God. Amen

02/15/2022. Let me see my leaven Lord

My dearest Jesus, open my eyes to see the leaven that is in my life that affects others negatively. You overcame Satan in your moment of temptation, give me the grace and humility of heart,  to avoid evil leaven in my daily socialization. Bless my efforts to be pure in thoughts, words, and acts that I may spread love and not hate. Loving Jesus, I trust in you. Amen

02/13/2022. You invite us to a life of Holiness and happinesLord

My Lord and my God, on this World Day of Marriage you invite us to live a life of holiness and happiness no matter what. Fortify us with your grace oh Lord, that we may be up to the task of living the beatitudes, so we may gain the blessings they promise. Without you Lord we can do nothing but with you, we can do all things. Do not abandon us, we need your grace in our union. Thank you oh merciful Jesus. Amen

02/12/2022 How wonderful are your words, Lord

How wonderful is it to sit and listen to your precious words oh Lord? They are more precious than any goal, sweeter than any honey. They soothe my soul and bring me untold joy. They are more than food that gives temporary life, they give everlasting life. Who would not prefer them for three days over food? Who can talk joy into my soul but you? Dearest Lord, your kingdom is not meat and drink, but righteousness, peace, and joy, your words bring. Give me your Holy Spirit, my helper, to help me develop more zeal in listening to you speaking to me each day in your words. Give me understanding not only to listen but to hear and put into practice with those around me. Amazing Jesus, I love you. Amen

02/11/2022. You are All-powerful, Lord
Mighty Jesus, you are All-powerful, All-merciful, all-loving, and All-good.  Your words are spirit and are true, and they are also powerful. You speak healing and transformation into the lives of men. Dearest Jesus, I leave myself open as you command today, for your commanding grace to manifest in my life and do your will. Open my ears to hear your commands for they are powerful and bring healing and life. Open my mouth to sing your praise always. Thank you wonderful Jesus, there is none like you. Amen
02/10/2022. Jesus, feed us with food of healing
Jesus my Lord and my God, my healer, my all. Thank you for the healing grace you offer us today. Here I come before you oh Lord, though, with all my brokenness, I offer you my spouse and all sick persons in my family. Today you said healing is food for all your children, in your compassion and mercy oh Lord, deliver and heal them.  I believe and trust your word would come to pass in our lives. Dearest Jesus, I trust in your healing power. Amen
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