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Revision On Nature Reserves For Kids 4 Through 12
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Environmental Science Revision On Nature Reserves For Kids 4 Through 12


Revision On Nature Reserves For Kids 4 Through 12 

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A forest is a large area of land occupied by very many trees and undergrowth with a variety of ________ living in it.  animals

  • The forest brings _________ to the environment. rain
  • The barks of some trees are used as ______ medicines
  • Trees provide us with _________ timber
  • They serve as home for many _____ animals.
  • They provide the country with __________ money.


The act of cutting down trees in the forest without replacement is known as _______.  Deforestation

Some causes of deforestation are

  • Forests are cleared to make room for feed crops and ___ grazing pastures.
  • Wood is needed for paper and _____ construction.
  • Large portions of our forests are cut down in order to build houses and produce ____ furniture.
  • A growing global population leads to the expansion of cities and highways to make room for _______ people, cars and trucks.


  1. Deforestation reduces the amount and frequency of___________  rainfall which can lead to drought.
  2. It may lead to complete loss of _________ for construction.  timber
  3. It exposes the soil which leads to ____________ erosion and flooding.
  4. It decreases soil__________  because of the erosion. fertility
  5. It leads to global warming due to too much accumulation of _________ in the air.  carbon dioxide
  6. It leads to loss of ______ for plants and animal species. habitat

Some ways of preserving the forest are  ____________

  1. Forest reserves and national parks should be created to protect some_____________  plants and animals.
  2. Some important ______ should be planted mostly in areas where trees have been cut down. forest plants
  3. ____________ should be created to carter for some important and endangered species of animals. Zoos
  4. Laws should be enacted by the ________ to control and protect the forest. Government
  5.  _________ of these laws should be made to compensate damage.  Defaulters
  6. Trees should be replaced when cut down. this is known as ________ Afforestation

Here’s a list of some of the best nature reserves in the world that are worth a visit.

  1. American Praire Reserve.
  2. Amazon Rainforest, South America
  3. Congo Rainforest, Africa
  4. Valdivian Temperate Rainforest, South America
  5. Tongass, North America
  6. Rainforest of Xishuangbanna
  7. Sundarbans National Park
  8. Daintree Forest, Australia
  9. The Australian Great Barrier Reef.
  10. Kinabalu National Park
  11. Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka
  12. Mindo-Nambillo Cloud Forest, South America
  13. Tchindzoulou Island.
Nature Reserves Revision Quiz


  1. Ijim forest project found in ___________ Boyo division
  2. Kilum mountain forest project found in ____ Bui Division
  3. Bakundu forest reserve in _________ Meme Division
  4. Mount Cameroon project in _________ Fako
  5. Waza National Park is the largest in Cameroon found in the. Far North Region
  6. Korup National Park found in the_________Ndian Division
  7. Banue National Park found in the______ Adamawa Region.

Read our General Knowledge Revision e-book.


Nature Reserves Revision Quiz



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