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The /gh/ sound in Nkwen Language

Nkwen Language Lessons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUxKr8OnLBI&list=PL_ihUsy6_PLIGXM9vFSgIaP5EP1vbDokZ

The /gh/ sound in Nkwen Language is one of the double consonant sounds. In most cases, it features at the initial and medial positions. Below are some words with the /gh/ sound followed by a short reading exercise.

GH  gh

ghәghanә →  a butterfly

ghә  →  to go

ghә̀rә → to do

ghaˀa  → big, plenty

ghòˀo  → to grind

ghàbә̀rә → talk off sense

ghantә  →  take a walk

àghònә  →  sickness

ghàrә̀  →  rowdiness

àghә̀mә̀  →  time


ghuˀusә  →  to honor

àghuˀusә̀  → honor

nghùˀùsә   →  worship

àghòˀò  →  stew

àghanә̀  → a visit

àghὲrә →  a jug

àghaˀà  →  a joke

ghàrә̀ngòˀo →  a scattered one


      Ǹgwinà bә ghàrә̀ngòˀo. À bàbә̀rә susu. À ghә̌ aghanә ngà nә̀ghәmǝ a tyә ǹjwe, mboŋnә̌ ma atyә zhi gharәkә.  Mma yi a tә̀ә yi, la a loo ma àghaˀà. À bә lya ghә biˀi ǝghonә ma ǝ bikakә zhi bә.

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2 thoughts on “The /gh/ sound in Nkwen Language

  1. Taminang Theresia Ngeche

    Thanks to mother tongue education, my kids can now read perfectly.

  2. Stephen Taminang

    Good lesson

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