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African Gospel Music Gloria and Our Father Video
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Music Album: Stand Up For The Lord By T. Therese

African Gospel Music has become an integral part of Christian worship in churches across the continent, and T. Therese is one of the prominent composers and singers of this genre. Her music is not only uplifting and inspiring but also deeply rooted in African culture and traditions. T. Therese’s music is a fusion of traditional African rhythms, melodies, and harmonies with contemporary Christian lyrics. Her songs are sung in English and in Nkwen, making them accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Her music is characterized by its joyful and celebratory nature, which reflects the African spirit of worship. Her lyrics are filled with messages of hope, love, and faith, inspiring listeners to trust in God and live a life of purpose and meaning.


T. Therese’s music has been embraced by churches across Africa and beyond, and her songs are often used during worship services, prayer meetings, and other Christian gatherings. Her music has also been featured in various Christian media, including radio and television programs.

Overall, T. Therese’s African Gospel Music is a powerful expression of faith and worship, reflecting the rich diversity and vibrancy of African culture. Her music is a testament to the transformative power of Christian worship and the enduring hope that it brings to people’s lives.

1. African Gospel Music Stand Up For The Lord Christian Music.

This is the first tract of the Album, ” “Stand Up For The Lord.  It is a set of Christian songs by Music Artist Taminang Therese. The language used is English and Nkwen. It follows an African style of Christian Music and Praise songs.

African Gospel Music

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Thank You Lord, Christian Song

“Thank you Lord”, music by Taminang Therese is African Traditional Gospel Music in the Nkwen native Language. Our culture and traditional values are embedded in our language thus the need to preserve it. The Gospel is better to spread when its content is well understood in our different languages; languages created by God give creation the beauty it has.Thank you Lord” is Christian music that thanks God for all things he has given us and for our Religious. As you enjoy the music in Nkwen remember that the meaning is the same in your own language. So, let’s sing “Thank you Lord for all the things you have given us.” View, like, share, comment, and subscribe for more music and other shows from this artist.

2. Lord Have Mercy Christian Song

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3. African Gospel Music, Gloria, and Our Father Christian Song.

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4. I Believe and Holy Holy or Sanctus
On Youtube

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5. LAMB_OF_GOD Christian Song


The “Lamb of God or “Agnus Die” is a Christian prayer that asks Jesus the Lamb of God to have mercy on us. As you enjoy the music in Nkwen remember that the meaning is the same in your own language. So, let’s enjoy, Lamb of God” who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.”


  1. Watch the “African Gospel Music, Gloria, and Our Father” Video

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  3. They Bound The Hands Of Jesus He Died For You And Me Song

  4. Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus Gospel Song

  5. -God Is Great In The Firmament Of His Power 

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7. Meet Tami-cal Our Boy in His Music Dream

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