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Stems, Roots and Photosynthesis
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Environmental Science Revision on Stems, Roots, and Photosynthesis for kids 4 through 12


Revision on Stems, Roots, and Photosynthesis

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Stems and Roots and Photosynthesis



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  1. The tree part that supports the leaves, flowers, and fruits is known as ____ the stem
  2. Stems are divided into two groups namely: _______ ______ those that grow above the ground and those that grow underground.
  3. Those that grow above the ground include _______ 
  1. Those that grow underground are _______
  •  suckers (e.g. plantains and pineapple), 
  • rhizomes (e.g. elephant grass, ginger), 
  • bulbs (e.g. onion), and 
  • tubers (e.g. Irish potatoes, carrots).
  1. Stems hold the ______ in a better position to trap sunlight. branches
  2. Stems are also a pathway for _______ from the soil to the leaves and for _____ from the leaves to the roots. Water, food
  3. Stems also store nutrients and produce _______ new living tissue.
  4. What do climbing stems use when growing? tendrils for attachment


  1. Four types of roots include: –tap roots (e.g. mango tree),
  1. Some functions of the roots to the plants are: Roots hold the plant firm in the soil, absorb water from the soil, store food for the plant, and are used as medicine.
  2. Plants also breathe through tiny holes on their roots and stems called _______________  lenticels


  1. The process by which plants prepare their food in the presence of carbon dioxide, water, sunlight, and chlorophyll is known as __ photosynthesis.
  2. Photosynthesis takes place only during the ___________ day.
  3. During the process of photosynthesis_________,_ is produced hence purifying the atmosphere. oxygen
  4. During the day plants take in_________  carbon dioxide and send out__________ oxygen,  while during the night they take in____ oxygen and send out carbon dioxide.
  5. Photosynthesis takes place only in_____  green plants
  6. The green coloring matter or pigment on green plants is due to ____ chlorophyll
  7. Chlorophyll makes leaves _____ green.
  8. The two main parts of a chloroplast are ______ the grana and stroma.
  9. To perform photosynthesis, plants need four things: _______ carbon dioxide, water, sunlight, and chlorophyll.
  10. The first stage of photosynthesis captures energy from the sun to _______ breakdown water molecules.
  11. The second stage of photosynthesis is ________ the Calvin cycle.

Stems and Roots and Photosynthesis

Read our General Knowledge Revision e-book.



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