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Revision On Geography of the world 2


Geography of the world 2
Geography of the world 2

Geography of the world 2

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Geography of the world 2; Revision on Geography for kids 4 through 12. An examination guide especially for backward kids.


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  1. The earth makes two kinds of movement ________ Rotation and revolution.
  2. The movement of the earth on its axis every 24 hours (one day) is known as____________ Rotation.
  3. The movement of the earth around the sun on its orbit every 365 and ¼ days (one year) is called _________ Revolution.
  4. The earth rotate on its __________axes
  5. The earth revolves on its ____________orbits
  6. Rotation of the earth causes _______day and night, tides, and the raising of the sun from the east and set in the west.
  7. Revolution causes the dry and wet season in Africa and _____________ in Europe. weather, spring, summer, and autumn 
  8. The solar system is made up of ________________ the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets.
  9.  Planets are __________ that move round the sun. Spherical bodies
  10. The largest planet is ______ Jupiter.
  11. The smallest, nearest and hottest planet is_________ mercury.
  12. The sun is the center of the _________ and does not move. solar or Planetary system.
  13. The earth is the _______ planet from the sun. third
  14. The farthest planet from the sun _____________ Pluto.
  15. The only planet that supports life because it has oxygen and water is _____________ earth.
  16. The satellite of the earth is the _____________ moon
  17. The moon has no light of its own, the moon gets its light from the _ sun
  18. The earth is ___________ in shape resembling an egg. Spherical
  19. A collection of stars is called a __________ Galaxy
  20. The name given to the earth and the 9 planets are the ______ the Universe
  21. The sun is about  _________ Km away from the earth. 150 million km
  22. Planets are ________ bodies moving around the sun. spherical bodies
  23. There are nine planets in all namely: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
  24. The partial or complete blockage of the light from the sun is called an ________________ Eclipse.
  25. When the moon comes between the sun and the earth, thereby blocking sunlight from reaching the earth,  it is known as ______________ Eclipse of the sun or (Solar Eclipse).
  26. What does the moon do during a solar eclipse? The Moon casts a shadow on Earth.
  27. A day is 24 hours. A long day has _________ hours of sunlight and ________ hours of darkness. 13 hours of sunlight and 11 hours of darkness
  28. Lands around the Arctic and Antarctic circles or around the north and south Poles are called ___________ because during summer, the sun remains shining for 24 hours a day or all day long. Lands of the midnight sun.
  29. The summer solstice is when the sun is overhead the __________ on the 21st of June every year. Tropic of Cancer. 
  30. Winter Solstice is when the sun is overhead the __________ on the 22nd of December.  Tropic of Capricorn.
  31. When the earth comes between the sun and the moon thereby blocking sunlight from reaching the moon, this is known as ______ Eclipse of the moon or (lunar Eclipse).
  32. Periods of the year when the sun is furthest from the Equator are called _________ Solstices
  33. There are two solstices _________ and __________  Summer and winter solstices.
  34. Equal days and equal nights are called ________________ Equinoxes.
  35. There are two kinds of Equinoxes  namely ______ and _______ Spring Equinox and Autumnal Equinox
  36. On  ___________ and ___________ September we have equal day and night all over the world. 21st march and 23rd September
  37. The capital of Britain is __________ London.
  38. France is found in the continent of ____________ Europe.
  39. The capital of the USA is _____________ Washington DC.
  40. The main highlands in America are the ___________ Appalachian and the Rocky Mountains.
  41. The longest river in the USA and second in the world is_____  R Mississippi
  42. The coldest place in the USA is ____________ Alaska.
  43. The motor car capital of the world is ________ Detroit in America.
  44. The country that landed the first man on the moon (Nill Armstrong) was ___________ USA.
  45. The tallest buildings in the world are found in New York called ___________ skyScrapers.
  46. The USA president lives in the ___________ white House.
  47. The largest country in Asia is __________ India.
  48.  The capital of India is __________ New Delhi.
  49. The main river in India is _________ River Ganges.(secret River).
  50. The Rainiest place in the world is ___________ Cherrapunji in india.
  51. The only country in the world that cremates or burn dead bodies is ________________ India.
  52. The main Religion in India is __________________ Hinduism.
  53. The capital of China is ________  Beigin.
  54. The most thickly populated country in the world is ________ China.
  55. The Main religion in China is ________ Confucianism.
  56. The largest river in China is_________ R Shanghai.
  57. The capital of Russia is _________________Moscow.
  58. The world largest producer of coffee in the world is ________ Brazil.
  59. The most mountainous country in the world is _______ Switzerland.
  60. The temperate grassland of Argentina is called __ Pampas of Argentina.
  61. The temperate grassland of Canada or North America is called_____ the Prairie of Canada or of North America.
  62. The temperate grassland of Russia is called ____ the Steppes of 


Other Temperate Grasslands of the world are: 

  1. The veldt of south Africa
  2. The Downs of Australia
  3. The plains of Mongolia  

Other tropical Grasslands of the world are:

  1. The Campos of Brazil 
  2. The savannah of West Africa
  3. The Sudan of East Africa
  4. Llanos of South Africa
  5. The Queen’s land of Australia
  6. The Canterbury of New Zealand.
  1. There are two main forest regions in the world, namely ___ and ___ Tropical Forest and Coniferous Forests.
  2. The Suez Canal links the Red sea to the _______ Mediterranean sea.
  3. The Panama Canal in Central America links the _________ Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
  4. The St Lawrence waterway links the great lake Religion of Central America to the ____________ Atlantic ocean.
  5. The Suez canal Links the mediterranean sea and the red sea.

Geography of the world 2


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