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Revision On Geography of the world 1
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Revision On Geography of the world 1

Geography of the world 1

Geography of the world 1 is a revision guide on Geography for kids 4 through 12. An examination guide especially for backward kids.



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Revision On Geography of the world 1


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  1. Imaginary circles or lines on earth parallel to the equator measured in degrees north and south of the Equator are called__________ Latitudes.
  2. Imaginary lines running from North to south pole measured in degrees  East and West of the Greenwich/Prime Meridian are called _________ Longitudes. They are also called _____________  Meridians. 
  3. There are _______ lines of longitude divided up into 24 groups of 15o longitudes each. 360o
  4. An area of 15 longitudes is called a Time Zone and has its  ___________. Local Time.
  5. There are two kinds of time _____ and _____ Local and Standard time.
  6. Time recorded from the position of the mid-day sun – 12:00 noon is known as _________ Local time.
  7. The local time of a particular place used all over the world is called _____ Standard Time
  8. The Standard Time of the whole wealth is the__________ GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time or Universal Time)
  9. The Greenwich or Prime Meridian passes through two towns namely: ____ and _____ Accra in Ghana and Greenwich in Britain.
  10. 15o of longitude marks a difference in time of  ________  One hour.
  11. The earth rotates from ________ to _______, so places in the east will see the sun before places in the west. From West to East
  12. Longitudes are used to calculate local __________ time
  13. Lines of longitudes and latitudes are used to locate places on the ___________  Earth Surface. 
  14. The International Date Line is ______ which when crossed a day is lost or gained.  Longitude 180o 
  15. Longitudes and latitudes also help ________ of ship and ________ of pains during their journeys. Captains of ships and Pilots of plains.
  16. Longitudes and Latitudes divide the world into major climate zones namely: –
  1. North and south Tropical  or Torrid Zone (with hottest climate 
  2. North and South Temperate Zone (with moderate Climate)
  3. North and South Frigid or polar Zone (cold deserts)



17. The most important latitude is ____________ Latitude 0o which is the ______________ Equator

18. The Equator is also known as _____________ Latitude 0o.

19. A line that divided the world into two hemispheres or parts is known as the _________ Equator

20. The Greenwich/prime Meridian is also known as_________  Longitude 0o

21. A large body of land fully or partially or completely surrounded by water is called a ________________ Continent.

22. Large bodies of salty water which surround the continents are called ___________________  oceans. 

23. The most important and busiest ocean is the world is________ Atlantic ocean.

24. The deepest ocean is the ______________ Pacific Ocean.

25. The largest ocean is the ________________ Pacific ocean. 

26. The coldest ocean is the _______________ Arctic ocean.

27. The largest continent of the world is ___________ Asia

28. The second largest continent is _____________Africa.

29. The smallest continent is ___________________ Australia

30. The coldest continent is ____________________ Greenland

31. The inhabitants of Greenland are call __________ Eskimos

32. The largest island in the world is ____________ Greenland 

33. The highest mountain range in the world is the _________ Himalayas

34. The highest mountain in the world is  _______________ Mt Everest in Naples-China 

35. The Earth is usually refer to as _______________ the world

36. The world resembles a globe more than a ___________world map.

37. 29 percent of the earth’s surface is made up of ___________land while 71 percent is made up of_______________ water.

38. Examples of hot deserts in the world are _____ sahara, Atacama  Kalahari.

39. The Sahara desert is found in ___________ North Africa.

40. The Atacama desert is found in _____________ South America.

41. The Kalahari Desert is found in __________south Africa.

42. The hottest desert in the world is __________ Sahara Desert.

43. The ship of the hot deserts the __________Camel

44. The coldest desert in the world is ___________northern Siberia.

45. The ship of the cold desert is the____________ Rain Deer

46. They are five oceans in the world namely: _________ pacific, Atlantic, india, Arctic and Antarctic oceans.

47. Large bodies of water partly enclosed by land are called ___ seas.

48. The largest sea in the world is the ______ Mediterranean sea.

49. Large bodies of water surrounded by land are called ________ lakes.

50. A large body of land surrounded by water is Called________ Island.

51. The largest lake in the world is called __________ Caspian sea 



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