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Geography of Africa Revision Quiz.
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Revision On The Geography of Africa



Geography of Africa Revision Quiz

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  1. The sea that lies in the North of Africa is the _______ Mediterranean sea.
  2. To the west and south of Africa lies the ___________ OceanAtlantic ocean.
  3. The ocean in the east of Africa is the _________ Indian Ocean
  4. There are __________ countries in Africa. 54 countries
  5. An inland drainage lake in Africa is ________  Lake Chad.
  6. The Great Rift valley is found in the _____ East Africa. 
  7. The largest Natural lake in Africa is ___________ Lake Victoria. 
  8. Lake Tanganyika is found in ______ Tanzania
  9. Important depressional lakes in Africa are ______and ____ lake Victoria and lake Chad.
  10. Lake Volta and Akosombo in Ghana, Lake Kainji in Nigeria, and Lake lagdo in Cameroon are _______in Africa. Artificial or Man-made lakes. 
  11. The largest island in Africa is _______ Madagascar.
  12. The highest Mountain in Africa is _______ Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
  13. The highest mountain in the west and Central Africa is ___________ Mt Cameroon (Mt. Fako, Mt Buea)
  14. The longest river in Africa is___________ River Nile.
  15. The largest River in Africa is ___________ River Congo.
  16. The River Niger takes its rise from the _________Futajallon Highlands
  17. The white and the Black Volta are found in __________ Ghana
  18. River Zambezi and river Orange are found in _______ South Africa.
  19. River Benue in Cameroon takes its rise from the _________ Adamawa Plateau.     
  20. __________ in Cameroon is the wettest place in Africa and in Cameroon.  Debuncha
  21. A hot desert in South Africa is the ______ Kalahari and Namib Deserts.
  22. A hot desert in North Africa is the ________ Sahara Desert.
  23. The tropical grassland of Africa is called _______ savannah 
  24. The temperate grasslands of South Africa are called ___________ The Veldt of South Africa.
  25. Stunted or short trees that grow in the desert area are called ______ shrubs.
  26. Another name for the Equatorial Rain Forest is ________ Tropical Forest or Evergreen forest.
  27. The population of Africa is about ________ 1.3 billion people.  (2021 Statistics)
  28. The population Density of Africa is _________ 45 persons per square Kilometre. 117 people per mile square
  29. Fertile places in the hot desert are called _________ Oasis.
  30. The ______________ is also known as the sheep of the desert. The Camel.
  31. The hottest desert in the world is the __________ Sahara desert.
  32. The most thickly populated country in Africa is _________ Nigeria
  33. The most thickly populated city of Africa is __________ Cairo  
  34. A main road that links many countries of Africa is known as the __________ Trans-African road. 
  35. Africa is the second largest _________ continent.
  36. The highest waterfall in Africa is the ________ Victoria Fall
  37. The largest country on the land surface in Africa is ___________ The Democratic Republic of Congo.
  38. The smallest and least populated country in Africa is ________ Seychelles 
  39. The last African country to gain Independence is ____________ Southern Sudan.  Its Capital is ________ Juba.
  40. The most developed country in Africa is the ___________Republic of South Africa
  41. The Lake District in Africa is in _______________ Africa. East Africa.
  42. The nation within a Nation in Africa is _________ Lesotho 
  43. An important watershed of West Africa is the_____ Futa jallon Highlands.
  44. The chief producer of cocoa in Africa is _________ Cote D’Ivoire
  45. The chief producer of tea in Africa is ____________ Kenya
  46. The most mountainous part of Africa is _________ East Africa.

Geography on Africa Revision Quiz.



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