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Importance of The Holy Rosary

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Importance of The Holy Rosary https://youtu.be/rTMNjh_nJCk

What is it?

  • It is a precious gift from our Holy Mother. Like it.
  • It is a summary of the life of Christ. Love it.
  • It is a gift from the Catholic Church. Share it.
  • It is a blessing from the Catholic Church. Pray it daily.
  • It is a strong weapon against the devil. Use it daily.
  • It is not a dressing but a prayer. Pray it.
  • It is found in the Bible. Taste and see.
  • It keeps you focused in meditation. Be dedicated to it.
  • It connects you to the entire life of Christ; the branch to the Vine. Be Committed to it.
  • Our great saints were devoted to it. Cherish it.
  • The heavenly court rejoices when you say it. Say it daily.
  • You offer roses to please the Virgin Mother when you say it. Offer them always.
  • The Mother of God, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, and Queen of Heaven and Earth are pleased when you pick up the Rosary and recite. Pick it up now.
  • You are tempted every day, the rosary is your weapon. Pict it up.
  • Our lives are busy and we rarely have a minute to spare; the rosary slows and calms. Let it slow and calm you.
  • When you do not know how to pray or what to say in prayers, the rosary says it all. Say it daily.
  • Wars have been conquered by the rosary. Pray it for World Peace.
  • 15 promises for you She gave to St. Dominic that you will never go empty-handed if you recite the rosary always. Recite it and claim the graces daily.
  • “There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot solve by the prayer of the rosary.”  (Sister Lucia of the seers of Fatima.)
  • Never forget to pray your rosary. Courage!



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