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The /ɛ/ sound in Nkwen Language


Є  ε

btә̀ → flash light

Nkwen Language lessons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUxKr8OnLBI&list=PL_ihUsy6_PLIGXM9vFSgIaP5EP1vbDokZ

/ɛ/ is one of the vowel sounds in Nkwen Language. It is an open mid sound different from the /e/ which is a close-mid sound. It mostly surfaced at the medial and final positions in words. Here are some of the words and a short reading exercise below.

Є  ε

M̀brә      → blackberries

m̀brә̂      → a lazy one

m̀benә̀     → a fight

fὲrә̀          → wind

ftә̂           → separate a fight

ǝ̀lrә̀         → a twine

btә̀        → flashlight

àbεrә̀        →  a traditional chair

bεtә           → to quench

àkwε̌          → a bone

àkwˀ  →upper part of the leg (thigh)

nǝ̀kùwe – a pilar

Toŋtә nә̀

    Àmbε  bǝ̌ m̀bὲrә̂. À koŋә tyә mbenә susu. A ghә ǹtsὲˀε mbὲrә̀ ma fὲrә̀ chya ǹkùtә̂. À bә bεntә bu su jyә. À koŋә àfàˀà bәbὲrә susu. Nǝ̀kùwe nǝ ndyâ zhi zǝtsǝ bǝ’ǝnǝ, a kakǝ nyesǝ̀.

Free Translation

    Ambe is a lazy one. He likes to fight a lot. He has picked up some blackberries plucked by the wind to prepare and eat. He likes being lazy. One of the pillars of his house is broken and he has not mended it.

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