The Down Moments Of True Love – The Out-of -sight Power Of Love Part 3

The Out-of -sight Power Of Love Part 3
The Out-of -sight Power Of Love Part 3

The Out-of -sight Power Of Love Part 3


One very important saying about life is that It is made up of ups and downs. Any normal person would tell you he or she encounter several Down Moments in life. It might not have been very different in Gin and Gina’s true love relationship. What is at stake here is When the Down Moments show up how do many handle it? This episode would tell us how one in thousands of such a situation is handled by these two young people, Gina and Gin, in their true love story.

Gina and Gin had been in a true love relationship for several years. They had been through thick and thin together and had always stood by each other’s side. However, their love was soon to be threatened by Juliet, who had set her sights on Gin and was determined to make him hers. Juliet was a beautiful woman who had always gotten what she wanted. She had set her sights on Gin and was willing to do anything to make him hers, even if it meant breaking up his relationship with Gina. Juliet started to pursue Gin relentlessly, monitoring his movements and showering him with gifts and attention, and making it clear that she was interested in him.

At first, Gin did not pay much attention to Juliet’s advances. He was deeply in love with Gina and was committed to their relationship though they were out of sight at the moment. However, as Juliet’s advances became more persistent, Gin started to feel confused and conflicted. He began to question his feelings for Gina and wondered if her parents shall ever approve of their relationship or if he could be happy with Juliet. He thought to himself to try out Juliet for one doesn’t know, she might end up being the one for him. He decided to accept one of Juliet’s numerous invitations to go for a walk.

Gina, on the other hand, was devastated by Gin’s sudden change in behavior, he made no effort to reach her since she gave him her Mom’s phone number. She could sense that something was wrong and would have loved to talk to him about it, but he was distant and unresponsive. “Could it be that he hasn’t got a cell phone yet” Gina would wander. Gin’s birthday was coming up in a few days. She would have loved talking with him and wishing him a very sweet and blessed birthday. At this point, Gina wondered whether she was chasing after the wind or actually on the right track with Gin.

It was Saturday evening the time Gin had agreed to go for a walk with Juliet. They met at the agreed point; the road junction leading to the park. Juliet was so happy Gin pretended he was also happy, but behind his conscience, he felt he was betraying Gina. He tried to feel the way he would with Gina but nothing came up. He was empty, just moving, chatting, and laughing with a friend. As they move along admiring the vicinity, Juliet would always want to turn the discussion towards their relationship and intimate things, but Gin would from time to time intervene with an external topic.

Juliette surprised Gin by pointing to her house which was just adjacent to the park and suggested they could pass by and have a rest before ending their walk. Gin was so ashamed to say no at this time. Juliet had planned everything so well. Once, during their conversation, they accidentally talked about their ages and Juliet noted Gins birthday. She had prepared her house with nice flowers and fragrant hoping gin would fall in her trap of love that day.

As they stepped into her living room, everywhere was lighted with roses. From the look of the house Gin noted Juliete was an experienced single woman. Gin was embarrassed as Juliet reached out to her nicely decorated table, lifted up a well-made bouquet, and stretched it towards him saying, “Happy Birthday Sweetheart!” Gin remembered, truly it was his birthday. In confusion, he said, “What a surprise!” Then with mixed feelings, he struggled out a smile and then, stretched his right hand to grab the bouquet, but then, he quickly thought to himself it would be impolite and ungentle for a man like him not to hug Juliet. He quickly corrected himself, put on a broad smile, and stepped closer and with his both hands around Juliet, hugged her.

Juliet who had been long waiting for this moment thought to herself she had to take a very good advantage of the moment. She responded to the hug with all her might and started lavishing kisses on Gin. He moves were so intense for a fully grown man like Gin, and what would Gin do? His feelings arose due to the highly infatuated loved styles impacted on him by Juliet at the moment. He tried to resist it and end the hug but only his heart was willing but his body got weaker and weaker. Not sooner than later he was taken over by infatuation and he was fully in it though without and pre-arrangements.

It was a long night in Juliets house that seemed fulfilling anyway, but as Gin hurried back to his house the next morning, prepared himself, and went to his business place, he could hardly think of a business transaction that day but overtaken by regrets for what he had done the night before with Juliet that was totally against his love, Gina. He felt like beating himself up. He would not want to see Juliet once again. He decided he would do something to end things up. Juliet, so elated after achieving what she had long wanted, made up her mind to work harder to have Gin more. She noticed however that Gin’s heart was not really for her but yet still she would like to show him more love to turn him over.

As the days went by, Gin became more and more distant from Gina, and Juliet’s advances became more aggressive. Gin knew that he had to do something to save his relationship with Gina. He confronted Juliet and told her to back off for he thinks he has no feelings for her, but Juliet refused to listen.

The Out-of -sight Power Of Love Part 3

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