Gin In Trouble – Gina And Gin Out-of-sight Power Of Love Part 4

The Out-of -sight Power Of Love Part 3

Gin In Trouble – Gina And Gin Out-of-sight Power Of Love Part 4

Despite the painful truth expressed by Gin to Juliet, she found herself unable to let go of her infatuation. She continued to engage in desperate attempts to win over Gin’s affection. Every time she spotted Gin passing by her office, she would impulsively jump out to catch his attention. In her mind, this was the perfect opportunity to impress him. However, Gin seemed oblivious to her advances, which only fueled Juliette’s determination to win him over.

In her desperation, Juliette resorted to offering Gin fancy gifts and even money, hoping to entice him into reciprocating her feelings. Yet, time and time again, Gin politely declined her offerings, making it clear where his heart truly belonged. Still, Juliette persisted.

One day, Juliette mustered up the courage to propose a date with Gin. She was hopeful that spending time together outside of their usual encounters would help him see her in a different light. However, Gin, always focused on his business responsibilities, would come up with various excuses, evading any opportunity for a romantic connection.

Undeterred by Gin’s rejections, Juliette resorted to intentionally passing by Gin’s business place just to catch his attention. She believed that if she could make him notice her, he would realize the depth of her feelings. But Gin remained oblivious, continuing to go about his business, seemingly unaware of her presence.

As days turned into weeks, Juliette’s determination wavered. She began to question whether forcing herself on Gin was truly the path to happiness. Gradually, she started to realize that true love could never be forced or manipulated.

With a heavy heart, Juliette came to terms with the reality that Gin would never reciprocate her feelings. She understood that chasing after someone who did not love her was a futile endeavor.

While it was painful to let go, Juliette eventually found solace in the fact that true love would come to her when the time was right. She embraced the lessons learned from her one-sided pursuit and vowed to focus on her happiness, allowing fate to guide her toward a love that was genuine and reciprocated. And so, Juliet secretly in herself bid farewell to her infatuation with Gin, opening herself up to the endless possibilities of love that awaited her in the future with other men.

Gin finished his three years of apprentiship without any communication between Gina and himself. He had no personal phone yet. His uncle was very pleased of his hardworking skills and settled him financially. Gin decided to start his own business immediately. He thought that he had learned much about motor spare parts and would like to open a spare part shop instead of a garrage like his uncle’s. He went ahead with the help of his uncle and opened a midium size motor spare part shop which stated flourishing well in the first few months.

Gin was in a tough spot. He had ordered some goods to renew his stock and increase his business. He received a telephone call from the Costume Office asking he to pay some costume duties and claim his good. Gin did not forsee this. He gathered all the money he had but it was not enough for the custom charges. This was really the climax of his difficulty.  He thought about borrowing money from friends or family, but he can’t remember having other relatives apart from his uncle Augustine. He didn’t want to burden him with his financial troubles just months after he had settled him. He has already helped him a lot by starting up his business. He knew Juliette would hurriely give him anything if he ask her but he didn’t want to. when all his efforts to get money and claim his stock failed, he thought to himself that finally he has fallen into jullie’s trap again for he has no other option but to go to her for help.

The following day Gin left his shop at about noon hoping to catch up with julliete at her office. Julliette should be on her snack break by then. He was so confident that Juliet would seize this opportunity happily hoping to have her way at last.

Gin arrived at Juliet’s office three minutes into her break time. Knowing fully well that she was on snack break by then and would happily welcome him, he stepped in with confidence. “Hi”, He goes, and immediately turned his eyes towards Juliette’s desk and then, he saw what his has never seen before. His eyes saw his ears directly for the first time in his life – Juliette was exchanging deep kisses with another young man right at her desk.

Gin made a danger break, then, frightened, and very much confused with a junk of mixed feelings. So discourage he gathered strength and found his way out quickly without further mentioning a word.

Gin was so ashamed of himself and blamed himself for having visited her in the first. Gin would not want to see Juliette ever again. He struggled to calm down and continue thinking deeper on what to do next.

That was when he returned to his senses came up with an idea that made sense. He recalled his good old days with his girlfriend, Gina, and how shse used to help him out when in difficulties. He remembered theat Gina always had some money that she usually used to help him with. He also thought that Gina had earlier given him her Mom’s number instructing him to call whenever he encounter a serious problem. Therefor he could not reach out to ask her directly except through her mom’s phone. So, he hatched a plan to get in touch with her without her mom knowing it was him. He approached a girl who owned a phone booth in the city and asked her to call Gina using her mom’s phone. He asked the girl to pretend to be one of Gina’s school friends who wanted to catch up.

When Gina’s mom picked the phone, she handed it over to Gina, who was happy and eager to hear from one of her old friends. It was a good plan because Gin understood Gina’s classmates often reach out to her through her mother’s phone. Gina took the phone from her mom and immediately went to her room so as to enjoy her chat with her classmate. Of course, Gin took over and told Gina he was the one behind the girl who called her Mom.

Gina nearly screamed at the top of her voice but thank God she quickly realized she had not to expose Gin or betray his efforts to reach her. They spoke heart to heart, expressing their long time surprised feelings for each other. The laughed in deep groans through the phone. They used all love language they ever knew to express their feelings and love for each other through the phone, and how the had missed each other.

Gin was nervous as he spoke to Gina on the phone. After the warm greetings he gathered courage and explained his situation to Gina and asked if she could lend him some money to save his business. Gina was hesitant at first, but she trusted her boyfriend as usual and decided to help out. They dialogued again for about ten minutes. Gin explained what had evolved so far with his stay in the city. He promised to get a phone immediately he solves the difficulty at hand. Gina by then had a phone bought by her parents. He immediately gave Gin her contact and ask Gin to call her immedialey he buys his. They would not want to end the call but unfortunately Gin’s time was out. 

The next day Gina hurried to the village square and send money to Gin through the girl Gin used to reach her.  Gin was able to claim his goods and went on with his business succesfully. He was grateful to Gina for her help, but he felt guilty for not have reached her earlier. 


Gin In Trouble

Gin In Trouble - Gina And Gin Out-of-sight Power Of Love Part 4

Gin In Trouble – Gina And Gin Out-of-sight Power Of Love Part 4

Gin In Trouble

Gina And Gin True Love Story


Gin In Trouble

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