a parrot

5. Mastering the Alphabet 1: Enabling Reading for Slow Learners

6.  Mastering the Alphabet 2: Sounds in words Enabling Reading for Slow Learners

7.  Mastering the Alphabet 3: Double Sounds Enabling Reading for Slow Learners


8. Mechanics of Writing: Punctuation



9.   Lisa The Parrot: God answers prayers in different ways.


10. Kila Discovered the Secret: Kila and her friends were never again afraid.

11.  The Reward of Cruelty: The Lion, Monkey, and Tortoise


12.   The Grover: He wanted to see the end of the snail’s tail. 


13.   Christmas At Grandma’s Village


14. Mastering the Alphabet: Enabling Reading in sounds and word building.



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