Importance Of Plants and Seed Dispersal Revision Quiz For Kids 4 through 12

Importance Of Plants and Seed Dispersal

Importance Of Plants and Seed Dispersal Revision Quiz



  1. Plants that have nodules on their roots are called ____ leguminous plants
  2. Leguminous plants help to fertilize the soil with their ______.  Nodules
  3. Examples of leguminous plants are ________ beans, and groundnuts.
  4. Leguminous plants kill grass on the farm and also act as___________ green manure.
  5. A process where a strong solution in the plant draws a weaker solution from the soil through a thin membrane is known as _____________ Osmosis
  6. The opposite of osmosis is _________________ Plasmolysis
  7. The force that draws water from the roots right up to the leaves of plants is known as ________ root pressure
  8. The stronger solution found in the plant that helps during osmosis is called _________ cell sap solution
  9. What occurs when the soil solution is stronger than the cell sap solution in the plant. plasmolysis
  10.  Wilting in plants is caused by __________ Plasmolysis.

Seed dispersal

  1. The different methods of seeds dispersal are______
  2. By seed e.g._______ corn, beans, pumpkin
  3. By cutting e.g._______ cassava, some flowers
  4. By suckers e.g. _________ bananas
  5. By buds e.g.  ________ pineapple 
  6.  By bulbs e.g. _______ onion
Importance of plants to man
  1. Plants provide us with _____ food, fiber, shelter, oils, coal, medicine, and fuel.
  2. The basic food for all organisms is produced by _______ green plants.
  3. In the process of food production plants produce one essential need of our life which is_____ oxygen.
  4. They also provide us with the raw material needed to make _______ shelter, clothing, medicines, and fuels.


Some very beneficial plants to man are ______ 


  • Aloe Vera: We know aloe vera as nature’s answer to bad sunburns, skin irritations, etc 
  • Fern: The fern is known by researchers for its ability to ______ purify the air.
  • Lavender: Lavender is a beautiful flowering plant well known for its_____ pleasing aroma
  • Orchids: Orchids are beautiful indoor flowers. they can improve sleep, promote ________ relaxation
  • Rosemary: Rosemary is very medicinal. Simply smelling the Rosemary plant has been shown to improve ______ memory and concentration
  • Snake Plant.  Pretty, snaky, and jungle-like, this plant is a  perfect addition to your home decor and overall wellness. A Snake Plant also absorbs chemical particles in the air, and  _______ turns carbon dioxide into oxygen easily.


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