Punctuation, Apostrophe, Contraction, The hyphen, Quotation marks, Dash, Parentheses, Brackets, Numbers, Capitalization

Mechanics of Writing 2   Sub Topics Punctuation Apostrophe Contraction The hyphen (-) Quotation marks (“ ”) Dash (-) Parentheses/ […]

Indefinite Definite And Zero Articles 

Indefinite, Definite And Zero Articles ARTICLES Get this ebook In English, articles are classified into three categories: the indefinite, the […]

What Are Verb Tenses

What are verb tenses?. By tenses, we mean the relationship between our concept of time and the forms of verbs. Time can be seen basically …

Responsorial Psalm And Gospel For Fourth Sunday Of Easter Year C Psalms 100:1-2, 3, 5

 Psalms 100:1-2, 3, 5 R. (3c) We are his people, the sheep of his flock.or:R. Alleluia. 1 Sing joyfully to the […]

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