The Verb And Forms

The verb, what are-verbs, forms of verbs, regular verbs, irregular verbs, auxiliary verbs, ...


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What are verbs?
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Regular verbs
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Forms of verbs
The Verb and Forms
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What are verbs, Forms of Verbs, Regular verbs, Irregular verbs, Auxiliary verbs,The Passive And Active, Linking Verbs and Modal verbs 

A verb expresses action (with the verb ‘to be’) or makes a statement about a person or thing. Every sentence must have a subject and a verb. Types of Verbs a) Action Verbs: These express both physical and mental action: e.g. ,,,
The verb and FormsTypes of verbsTypes of verbs

Regular verbs
Regular verbsIrregular verbs
Irregular verbs

Irregular verbs
Irregular verbs

Irregular verbs
Irregular verbs


Irregular verbs
Irregular verbsAuxiliary Verbs


Voice in English is that grammatical category that makes it possible to see an action in a sentence in two ways without a change in the facts reported. In the active voice, the subject is the doer of the action while the object is the receiver of the action for example:
John took the birds to the market.
With the passive voice more emphasis is laid on what is done or the action than on who does it (subject) for example:
The birds were taken to the market by John.
In this sentence, we are really not interested in who took the birds to the market but in the fact that the birds were taken to the market.


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