Advantages of COVID-19

When I look at the whole world as it was some months ago and in the present, I see a promising future where hopes shall be restored, fears disappear …

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Forever in our hearts and in the hearts of our children.

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Saint Therese of Lisieux My Patroness Amazes Me

Born on the 2nd of January 1873 at Alencon in France, she was baptized two days after, on the 4th of January same year. When she was growing up, she thought she would be a nun. She received her First Holy Communion on the 8th of May 1884 and was confirmed on the 14th of June the same year. On the 9th of April 1888, she entered the Carmelite Monastery at Lisieux as a Postulant, at the permission of her Father. She practiced the virtues of humility, evangelical simplicity, and firm confidence in God. She is my Patron Saint, Therese of the Child Jesus, also known as Saint Therese of Lisieux and The Holy Face.

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How my backyard garden came to reality

On a farm plot, you will clear the grass, till the soil, form the garden beds, apply manure, and nurse the seeds. This is not the same as my backyard garden when I have to improvise. I go to the shop, buy the containers, the soil, some seeds and seedlings, and some manure.,,

My COVID-19 Pentecost Quarantine Mass Experience

As early as 5:30 AM that morning, I got up, hurried with my morning chores and got myself ready because I never wanted to miss any bit of the Mass…

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