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Story Telling; The Honest Princess

Every culture has its own folklore, which is shared as a means of entertainment, education, culture preservation or instillation of moral values. Stories give emotional glue that connects the audience to the message. Information presentation should be constructed around a story. Stories reshape knowledge into something meaningful. Stories are motivating. Stories make people care and transcend one’s current environment. All these make stories very important in the teaching/learning process. Let’s listen to these two stories.

Story 1: The Honest Princess

Story 1: The Honest Princess
Long Division With And Without Remainder The quarantine is doing more good than harm. My home skills just got better

Story 2: Why the cock has no teeth

Story Two: Why the cock has no teeth
Mastering The Alphabet 1, 2 and 3; Enabling Reading For Slow Learners E-book Series With high combat on COVID-19 the future seems promising (Advantages of COVID-19)

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[…] Mә̀toŋtәnә̀ – Reading Bәbanә̀ à bὲntә̌ mâkàbә̀ nkuŋǝ, mbatә. A bә sùu, niŋә mәmә ǹtò tiˀi bìtә̀ mәwurә bwo fә̀ngwaŋә wә. À bὲˀὲtә ǹgɔ̀rәnkwi mә tǒnә̀ wә a byì. Moo yi bә bәŋnә jyә ghә yi ndya àŋwàˀàrә̀. À bǝ kǝ jyǝ ti’i ghǝ̀ yi afò. À bǝlya ti’i ǝla bǝ ǝ̀banǝ mbà’ambà’à ǝ̀zǒ. […]

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