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The /ǝ/ sound in Nkwen Language

Ә ә

èlàrә̀ – a bridge

/ə/ is one of the vowel sounds in Nkwen Language. It is a  Mid-Central Vowel that is often called the “schwa” sound but that refers to the symbol that is used and has nothing to do with the phonetics of the sound. In Nkwen Language, it features in all positions in most words; initial, medial and final. Here are examples of the words and a short reading exercise.

Ә  ә

ә̀bàrә̂ –  mad people

ә̀bà’à –  doors

àlàrә problem

èlàrә̀ –  a bridge

etàa  – father

ǝ̀tâ   – a pit

mә̀nenә̀   –   grass  birds

mә̀nà – animals

Mәshi  – female name

Mә̀là    – male name

Mә̀fâ  –  twins   

Nә̀dorә̀  – joy

Lә̀ŋә  – to stir (fufu)

sәŋәa bird

sә̀ŋә  – to scatter

sàtә̂   – tear in pieces

A binә̀ tɔŋtә̂ (let’s read)

      Mәshi à sàtә әtsәˀә jwi. Mә̀là swiŋǝ ngǝ a lyǝ  kǝ lya bǔ ghǝrǝ. A kantә̀ ŋgә zhә lyә kә lya bǔ ghәrә. Bә mὲˀὲtә̀ yi ngǝ a ghǝ ntatǝ atsǝ̀’ǝ̀ zu.

Free Translation
Meshi has tore her dress. Mela advised her never to do that ever again. She promised she will never again do that. She was allowed to go and stitch the dress.

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